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Step Up to the Plate with InvisiPlate. InvisiPlate designer and decorative switch plates covers and outlet covers create a finishing touch for complete perfection. See how InvisiPlate can upgrade your home decor with the stroke of a brush. Primed. Textured. Ready-to-Paint. Our patented wall plate and switch covers make it easy for homeowners and paint professionals to enhance the look of any room.

Enhance your room decor with just the stroke of a brush and bid adieu to the same old wall plates and outlet covers. Switch to InvisiPlate to get the color you really want on your plates – your wall color. InvisiPlate offers decorative wall switches and plates cover that will create a finishing touch for complete perfection. Choose from an assortment of primed, textured and ready-to-paint wall switch plates and outlet covers. With our collection of patented plate and switch covers, it is easy for homeowners, designers and paint professionals to complete the look of any room.

Here you can shop for decorative wall plates, switch plates, switch plate covers, electric outlet covers and painted switch plate. Learn more about us here.