About Us

Located in Dallas, Texas, InvisiPlate was founded by Dallas Balma and Sean Taylor. Dallas and Sean have over 25 years combined experience in the painting and faux finish industry. With the rise in popularity of textured surfaces in homes and businesses the two contractors began to seek a solution for switch plates to complement the décor of the high end projects they were completing. After months of searching the two entrepreneurs concluded that there was no such product and proceeded to design and manufacture a solution. The result is the world’s first fully paintable, textured line of switch plate and outlet covers.These can be painted to match the wall color and blend into the background, stained to match trim, flooring, and furniture.

Invisiplate offers a large assortment of popular configurations of light switch plates and covers. We also offer the four most popular textures for our plates. We are proud to offer our products throughout the United States, allowing discerning homeowners, paint professionals and designers the opportunity to create a truly complete room design.